Sunday, September 11, 2011

school picture's special

I mentioned my special on facebook but failed to mention it on my blog.  So I thought I would quickly mention it on here.  I am running a special for school pictures from now until the 29th of October ( I have extended the date because it is so popular).  You will get a 10-15 minute session per child.  You will receive  2-3 pictures per child that has been edited a few different ways.  You will receive the pictures on a disc that you are free to print wherever you choose.  The cost is $15 for the first child and then each additional child from the same family will be $10.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hall {school pictures}

I have had so much fun doing school pictures and this family started it all off.  They were so easy going and fun to work with.  I took their school pictures last year and I cannot believe how much they have changed in a year.

Anderson {school pictures}

I loved how Rylie wasn't afraid of the camera at all and her little brother Owen had so much personality.  He made so many different expressions with his face it was crackin' me up.  They were really fun kids to photograph.

Williams {school pictures}

It is always fun for me to take pictures of these cute kids.  They are good friends of ours and I love to be able to visit with them and take some pictures of their kids.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tyler {senior pictures}

It was great working with Tyler.  He was so easy going and did whatever I said.  He is a great kid and will do well in life.