Thursday, September 1, 2011

my kids' school pictures

I had a few minutes the other day and decided to hurry and get some pictures taken of my kids.  It was a bad day to try because Jeremy was the only one that wanted to do it.  Jeremy was just excited to wear his new clothes.  The only problem was I didn't let him wear the shirt he wanted.  So we have to go do a few more one of these days.

 I couldn't decide which picture I like best.  Which one do you like?

 I thought I would add a few family pictures in there while I had them in the picture taking mode and they were all dressed for the occasion.
(I love this picture.  It's just a very real picture.)
 Jayden, Brooklyn, Ryan, and Jeremy
Jayden is living with us for a few months.  His mom (Benson's niece) is deployed with the Navy. 

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J. Lee said...

These are all so cute! Will you e-mail me that one of Brooklyn? I love it!! I can't save it directly to my computer because it saves all 3. I like the 3rd one best :)